Life Coaching

teachers-college-2Agape coaches work with Chinese students both in China and overseas to make wise decisions and to live a life that displays the love of God.  There are currently over 80,000 Chinese graduate students and scholars that conduct research in universities and research institutes in North America. Reaching these potential future leaders of China is of great strategic importance in spreading the love of Christ in the most populated country in the world.  Agape Way reaches Chinese graduate students, scholars, professionals and their families for Christ in the North Carolina Triangle area, North America and around the world through partnerships with campus ministries and local churches.

The goals of Agape Life Ministry are to help truth-seekers and new believers find the ultimate purpose in life – to live a life that displays the love of God and to equip new believers to become mature spiritual leaders through discipleship and mentoring. Those future leaders may greatly impact Chinese society in the future.