Gifts of Hope

2017 博爱路圣诞新年礼物 Agape Way Christmas/New Year Gifts

支持中国宣教士 Chinese Missionaries

Agape Way supports Chinese missionaries to reach Chinese people in China. With only $300 a month, you can support one full-time Gospel worker in China.

Suggested Gift: $30 to $300 or more

资助博愛路工人 Agape Way Workers

Agape Way workers in China and USA need your support to fulfill their callings to reach Chinese people for Christ.

Suggested Gift: $100 to $1000 or more 

一对一认养 One-to-one Sponsorship

Yang, 9, lives with father and grandpa.

Yang, 9, lives with father and grandpa.

Many students living in extreme poverty in rural China cannot afford schooling, food, clothing and medical care.  The sponsorship will provide the students with monthly living expenses and book fees.  Sponsors will receive regular updates and can communicate with the student to influence her/him directly.

Suggested gift: $45/per month 

中国新年关怀 Chinese New Year Care Packages

banquetMany families in China survive by having only rice and salt. Chinese New Year package includes a bag of rice, a large bottle of oil and a package of pork.

Suggested Gift建议奉献: $25

冬季服装 Winter Gear
Winter is coming but many of the poverty- stricken families do not even have quilts and coats for the bitter winter.

DSC00043 (Small)Suggested Gifts:

Quilt:  $35                          Winter Jacket:  $30

Sweater:  $10                   Hat & Scarf:  $6

Heavy Blanket: $30   Tennis Shoes: $10

学校午餐午餐 School Lunch

Meimei has to skip lunch or just munch a hard steamed bun from home as her grandma could not afford to pay for the school lunch . With $20 a month, Meimei could have warm school lunches.

Suggested Gift: $20 

夏季蚊帐 Mosquito Net

Mosquitos are big problems in rural China in the summer.  Mosquito nets will help reduce mosquito bites and improve health of the children.

Suggested gift: $20/set

The King will reply, ‘I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me.’

-Matthew 25:40


-马太 25:40