Education Assistance

The purpose of Agape Education Assistance (AEA) is to provide educational assistance to students and teachers in impoverished rural areas of China.  AEA has programs in six southwestern provinces: Sichuan, Chongqing, Guizhou, Gansu, Shaanxi and Qinghai.  These programs include:

Agape Scholarship helps impoverished students with tuition, fees, and books, etc., US: $180/year.

Agape Sponsorship helps students with tuition and living expenses: $360 a year or $1 a day for elementary school, $1.50 for middle school and $2 a day for high school students.

Agape School Projects provide financial assistance to schools in poor rural areas to help with facility and equipment needs to improve educational conditions for the students and teachers;

Agape Special Education helps students with special needs, including hearing impairments, blindness, and mental retardation;

Teachers’ Stipends are for low-income teachers who are teaching in remote impoverished rural areas;

Teacher Training introduces teachers to new advanced educational ideas and methods.

Cultural Exchange

Agape Way promotes fundamental understanding and grassroots friendship through cultural exchanges.  We provide opportunities for churches, agencies, and individuals to be directly involved in the following programs in China:

English Teaching helps to improve oral English communication and comprehension skills of English teachers and students;

Friendship Exchange establishes friendship at the grassroots level.  Many American friends have expressed their sincere love for China and its people after they visit China through our ministry;

Leadership Training introduces advanced leadership and management concepts and skills to China through training seminars, workshops and academic exchanges with the goal of promoting mutual understanding and development;

Academic Researches promotes exchanges and understandings between researchers in China and the United States.

Life Coach

Agape coaches work with Chinese students both in China and overseas to make wise decisions and to live a life that displays the love of God.  There are currently over 80,000 Chinese graduate students and scholars that conduct research in universities and research institutes in North America. Reaching these potential future leaders of China is of great strategic importance in spreading the love of Christ in the most populated country in the world.  Agape Way reaches Chinese graduate students, scholars, professionals and their families for Christ in the North Carolina Triangle area, North America and around the world through partnerships with campus ministries and local churches.

The goals of Agape Life Ministry are to help truth-seekers and new believers find the ultimate purpose in life – to live a life that displays the love of God and to equip new believers to become mature spiritual leaders through discipleship and mentoring. Those future leaders may greatly impact Chinese society in the future.