Easter Newsletter


复活的主耶稣 The Resurrected Lord Jesus

Christian faith is characterized by its claim of Jesus Christ’s resurrection, which is a prophecy, a historical event and continuous work of the Spirit of God. These facts serve as proves of Christian faith.  Read more…




Agape Way’s new Bible reading program, newly named as Inquiry Bible Reading.  Currently there are  more than 30 people from US and China use the program to study together.  The program is designed to encourage readers to think by asking a question each day. The process of seeking to answer the question may help the readers to understand the content more in depth. There are 5 steps.  Reading more



1) Agape Way is looking for 50 or more sponsors for 100 students on the waiting list in Sichuan and Shaanxi and 200 students for scholarships. Please contact Agape Way if you are interested.

2) Students and families who have been supported and their sponsorship.  May the Lord continue to use the sponsorship program to share His amazing grace and agape love.


1) 博爱路继续在为100 名在四川,陕西的贫穷孩子寻找认养家庭或个人并为200多名学生筹集奖学金。请有负担的弟兄姐妹,直接与博爱路联系。