Frequently Asked Questions

What does Agape Way do?

Agape Way works to give financial support to poor students in China through the Agape Educational Assistance program, so that they can continue to pursue an education. As a non-denominational Christian Ministry Agape Way also offers life coaching to share the truths that Agape Way’s founder discovered in God.

Who does Agape Way serve?

Agape Way serves Chinese people in the U.S. and abroad. The Agape Educational Assistance program serves poor student in rural Western China. The ministry also serves Chinese Christians in the U.S. through the gospel, life coaching and sermons.

Who can help?

Anyone can make a donation! There are no restrictions or requirements!

What donation options are available to the public?

Donations can be made either to the non-profit organization, Agape Way, itself. Or you can donate directly to the Agape Educational Assistance program, or pledge to sponsor a student.

You can choose to make a one-time donation to the AEA or you can sign up to sponsor a child through a monthly gift.

Where does my donation to Agape Way help accomplish?

Donations made straight to Agape Way are split into two funds:

The Mercy Fund is used for specific school projects and sponsorships, as well as earthquake and flood relief. All contributions with a mercy scholarship or sponsorship designation are put into Mercy Fund.

The General Fund goes towards all parts of the Agape Way ministry including the projects such as the Mercy Fund, but also covers evangelism, gospel mission, fellowship and church planting, missionary living and general operational costs.

How do I sign up for life coaching or to sponsor a child?

All applications can be found on the website. Life Coaching and the Agape Educational Assistance program have their own menu buttons, which will direct you towards applications.

There are no deadlines for application or donations, any amount will help a child in need at any time.

How much is monthly support to a student?

Monthly support for an elementary or middle school student is $45. For high school students the monthly support is $65 because they need to pay for room and board.

How does Agape Way choose which students to support?

Agape Way takes recommendations from schools, teachers and fellow students for prospective candidates. Then Agape Way volunteers on the ground in China do in home visit with the students. Based on a set of stablished factors the students are ranked upon need, and that is the order in which they are granted support.

Where is Agape Way located?

There is no Agape Way office, however all operations and most board members are located in North Carolina. Agape Way runs churchs in Winston-Salem and Durham, and the founders currently live, work and worship in Chapel Hill.

How to I stay up to date with information from Agape Way?

Subscribe to the Agape Way email list! This can be done on the website on the About Us page. Most information can be found through email or on the website. If there are any questions left unanswered, please use the website to send us your questions.


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